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Miscarea Raeliana

European Raelian Convention in Bucharest, Romania: 1-2 april, 2017(71, after Hiroshima)

sâmbătă 01 aprilie 2017 - 13:00:00
Hello everybody!

We have the big pleasure to invite all of you at a series of very important Raelian Events, organised for the first time in Romania, in the form of an European Raelian Convention!
Raelian delegations from few european countries had announced their arrival already, with the extraordinary participation of the Continental European Raelian Guide, Pierre Gary, from France.

The general program of the Convention:

On the first of april, E.T. Embassy Day- an Event of major importance, witch promotes the Project of building and official Embassy, for the welcoming of those who created all life on the Earth- Elohim, our human Creators from the Bible.

On april, the second(sunday), we are celebrating the Scientific Creation of the first earthly human being in laboratories, by the Elohim, the Creators of our Humanity. Then it is also one of the rare occasions when new Raelians are accepted officialy.

The entire Convention will take place in the "International" Hotel, Bucharest=>

Bellow, you can find the transportation and lodging informations, intended to the ones willing to attend:)

The special tarif for lodging in standard single room is 54 euro/room/night and in the standard double room is 59 euro/room/night, for the reservations made individualy by the participants, via direct solicitation at the hotel reception- meaning the email adress hotel©, stating the name of the guest, the special agreed tarif, the special code RAAELLIENNE and the chek-in and check-out dates.
The lodging price is available between 30 march and 10 of april!
The lodging price has all taxes included, breakfast, parking, wi-fi, it is the total cost per night. There is a Restaurant at the Hotel parter, and a myriad of other restaurants in the Old Centre(very close to the Hotel).
The payment for the lodging will be made at check in, the hotel is not charging any advance!

Although the tarifs are stated in Euro, the facturation will be made in Ron(romanian curency), at the internal exchange rulled by the Hotel: 1 Euro= 4.6 Ron(little more than the real exchange 1 euro- 4,5 ron). We recomand you not to change the money in the Airport. There are good exchange rates in the Center of Bucharest.

For the "Henri Coanda" International Airport transfer to the Hotel area(very close), there is the 783 bus(right at the "Arrivals" exit), every 15-20 minutes. The ticket, with two trips included, is under 2 euro! You must get out of the bus at the last stop(Piata Unirii 2).
We(the romanian Raelian Team) will try to be at the Airport for a large ammount of time, on friday, 31 march, to help the people comming by plane.

Those are the informations. Please, contact us at romania©, or 0040763676661, if you have difficulties.

We are waiting for you in big number in Bucharest, for this unprecedented Event in Romania:)